Rougette Bavarian Red

Creamy, mild and buttery when young, as the cheese ages the flavour deepens.  With its distinct red-white rind, this is a cheese full of character.


A double-cream soft-ripened cheese, made with pasteurised cow’s milk.  Suitable for vegetarians and lactose intolerants.


Exterior: Edible rind, reddish with a slight white dusting.

Interior: Pale cream.

Aroma & texture

Fresh creamy, spongy.


When young, it is fresh creamy and as the cheese ages, the flavour deepens.

Rougette Mini Oven Cheese - Product sizes

Pre-pack 180g Branded - Creamy Mild, Aromatic

Pre-pack 320g Branded - Creamy Mild, Aromatic, Chilli, Garden Herbs

Rougette Grilling Cheese - Product sizes

A 90g portion comes in a cardboard sleeve with cooking instructions.


Available in three delicious flavours:

• Creamy Mild

• Herb

• Chilli

Awards for Rougette Bavarian Red


The World Cheese Awards 2015-16

Supreme Champion

The Great Yorkshire Show 2015



The World Cheese Awards 2014

Very Highly Commended

Nantwich International Cheese Show 2014


World cheese awards 2013


Nantwich International Cheese Show 2013


Silver in Continental Cheese Class

Nantwich International Cheese Show 2012


The World Cheese Awards 2011