Grand Noir

A fine blue cheese in a distinctive black wax mantle which enables the cheese to develop an incredibly silky and creamy texture with a delicately spicy character.  This high quality blue cheese certainly makes a bold statement on the cheese board.

What to expect

Semi-soft, creamy blue cheese with a stronger blue character and dipped in black wax.

Strength of cheese

medium - 4

How it’s made

Made from pasteurised cow’s milk and suitable for vegetarians and lactose intolerants.  Grand Noir starts with the very best fresh milk from regional farms in Bavaria, Germany, and is carefully dipped in black wax and then aged at cool temperatures to develop a luscious and creamy texture and delightfully bold blue notes.

How to enjoy

A statement cheese on the cheeseboard, which complements sweet flavours like fruit, honey or chutney and more savoury combinations of nuts, crusty bread and crackers.


Perfectly partnered with a cold glass of Champagne or a warming glass of Shiraz or Tawny Port.  Alternatively, if beer is your preferred drink of choice, a Brewdog Punk IPA or a Bavarian Wheat beer.

Product sizes

2.5kg wheel catch weight (perfect for delis)

Awards for Grand Noir

2021-22 World Cheese Awards – Silver

2019-20 World Cheese Awards – Bronze

2018-19 World Cheese Awards – Bronze

2017-18 World Cheese Awards – Bronze

2022 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2021 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2019 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Bronze

2017 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2016 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2020 Great Taste Awards - 2 Star

2019 Great Taste Awards - 2 Star

2018 Great Taste Awards - 1 Star

2021 Global Cheese Awards – Gold

2017 Global Cheese Awards – Gold