Montagnolo Affiné

A creamy soft blue vein cheese with a slight sweet blue mould aroma.  The distinctive grey rind is edible and each cheese is tended by hand.


Full fat soft mould ripened blue vein cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk and cream.  Suitable for vegetarians and lactose intolerant.


Exterior: Grey edible rind.

Interior: Pale cream with blue veins through cheese.

Aroma & texture

Fresh creamy with blue notes, firm to spongy.


Fresh with medium blue tones.

Product sizes

Whole cheese: 2kg catch weight

Pre-pack Portions: 160g x 8

Awards for Montagnolo Affiné

1 Stars

Great Taste Awards 2020



The World Cheese Awards 2019



Nantwich International Cheese Show 2019


2 Stars

Great Taste Awards 2019

1 Star

Great Taste Awards 2018


Super Gold

The World Cheese Awards 2017

Worl Champion

The World Cheese Awards 2013

Supreme Champion

Nantwich International Cheese Show 2012