Montagnolo Affiné

This multi award-winning creamy soft blue vein cheese with its distinctive grey rind is delectably smooth and indulgent.  Aged longer and at a cooler temperature, each cheese is tended by hand resulting in a wonderfully smooth texture that melts in the mouth.  Simply delicious when eaten on its own on a cheeseboard, but also so versatile when used in cooking.  This cheese is a former World Cheese Champion and a fabulous choice for those who find the intense flavours of traditional pure blue cheeses overpowering.

What to expect

Fresh, soft and creamy with mild blue tones and edible grey bloomy rind.

Strength of cheese

Medium - 3

How it’s made

Made from pasteurised cow’s milk with cream added.  Matured at a lower temperature and each cheese is tended by hand.  Suitable for vegetarians & lactose intolerants

How to enjoy

Fabulous stirred through pasta or risotto or a tangy cheesy topping to a barbecued burger

Divine on cheese boards, slice it and enjoy it on top of bread or crackers

Elevate the flavour of your pizza, soup or salad

Top a grilled Portobello mushroom for an indulgent vegetarian meal

Serve it at room temperature with baguette, honeycomb, fresh berries, or salami


Serve with a crisp white wine or fruity red to cut through the creaminess and balance the flavours.  Or for those who enjoy beer, try an Indian Pale Ale or Bavarian Wheat beer.

Product sizes

160g branded wedge & wheel catch weight (perfect for delis)

Awards for Montagnolo Affiné

2012 Nantwich International Cheese Show, Supreme Champion

2013 World Cheese Awards – World Champion

2021-22 World Cheese Awards – Silver

2019-20 World Cheese Awards – Gold

2018-19 World Cheese Awards – Silver

2017-18 World Cheese Awards – Super Gold

2022 International Cheese & Dairy Awards – Gold

2021 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Silver

2019 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2017 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2016 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2015 International Cheese & Dairy Awards - Gold

2020 Great Taste Awards - 1 Star

2019 Great Taste Awards - 2 Star

2018 Great Taste Awards - 1 Star

2021 Global Cheese Awards – Gold

2019 Global Cheese Awards - Silver

2017 Global Cheese Awards – Gold